Top Air Conditioning Services in North Jersey

At MDL Electric, Cooling & heating we are experts in Air conditioning installation, AC Repair, and any air conditioning services.

We live and breathe any and all things air conditioning. HVAC services are our passion and air conditioning during the summer months is crucial for any family. We have families of our own so we would not want your family to be without cool air in the hot and humid summer months. Not only is it sticky and uncomfortable to be in a hot room it can also become very dangerous if your body overheats due to potential heat related illnesses.

After being in the business for over 20 years, we can guarantee we have the best technicians and engineers to help you solve your problem in the most effective, most efficient and most economic way possible.

We hope you consider us to be your trusted Air Conditioning Services company in North Jersey & the surrounding Essex County area. We offer 24-hour Air Conditioning Service in North Jersey & Essex County.

In case of emergency, please give us a call right away at 973.337.5530 and we’ll be at your door in a flash to serve you promptly and effectively.

We provide reliable air condition installation and ac repair in North Jersey and Essex County. We only install high quality products, which are energy efficient, and will keep your home cool and comfortable, during the scorching summer months.

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